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Your right to know

12 June 2019



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There are a number of ways to gain access to information about Essex County Council and find out what information the council holds about you. There are separate pieces of legislation that govern how we supply different types of information. These are:


  • the Data Protection Act 2018, which gives you the right to see information we hold about you
  • the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which gives you the right to access information we publish and other information we hold
  • the Environmental Information Regulations Act 2004, (EIR) which gives you access to information held by us relating to the environment


You can also search for Freedom of Information requests.

Obtaining information from Essex County Council

There are different procedures in place to access information held under these acts, and Essex County council works hard to meet our obligations.
  • How to request information from Children's Social Care


Occasionally, we are unable to supply information requested under the acts. In many cases, this is because the information itself is exempt from publication. This can be for a variety of reasons. Where information is exempt, we will tell you why we are unable to supply it. We do not have to comply with information requests that are considered vexatious.
For further information about what information is exempt from publication, and what is considered a vexatious request, see the Information Commissioner's Office website.
A great deal of information about the work of the council is published as part of our Publication scheme. The scheme contains a wealth of information about:
  • who we are and what we do
  • what we spend and how we spend it;
  • how we make decisions;
  • our policies and procedures;
  • lists and registers;
  • services provided by the council.

Retention of information

Essex County Council retains different types of information for different lengths of time. The different types of information, and the length of time we retain them for, is set out in the Record Retention Schedule.

Information about young people

Essex County Council is legally required to assist, encourage and enable young people aged 13–19 (and young adults with learning difficulties up to the age of 25) to participate in education, training or employment with training including apprenticeships.

To enable us to support young people we securely hold a database of information that enables the authority to understand young peoples’ choices and plan learning provision for the future.
To find out more about the information about how we manage your data to support future learning  provision across Essex, download our privacy notice.
Access to additional information 

The following information is also available:  

Data Transparency

We are committed to being open and transparent about how we work, our decision-making processes and how we provide our services. As part of this commitment, and in line with the Government’s Transparency Code we have increased the amount of data that we routinely publish.
Data within the scope of the Local Government Transparency Code (2014)


All of the information published in accordance with this Code is available for re-use under the terms of the Government Open Licence for Public Sector Information, details of which can be found here

Where possible we have made this data available in an open, machine readable format that is not dependant on any specific software (such as CSV or XML).
Making a complaint 

If you're unsatisfied with the response you've received for Freedom of Information/EIR requests, please contact stating the details of your complaint.
Under our internal review process we have 20 working days to respond to you. If you're still unhappy after receiving the outcome of this review you can refer your complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office.

For complaints on other services listed above, please see the council's general complaints procedure.