Help to use this website

There are tools that can help make content more accessible and improve your experience of our website if you’re having difficulty.

Make content easier to see

You can use your browser or device to help you see content more clearly by:

  • making text larger
  • magnifying the screen
  • changing colours

Visit AbilityNet to learn how to set up visual accessibility features.

Make your device easier to use

If you have physical difficulties using your device, mouse or keyboard, there are ways you can:

  • talk to your device
  • use your keyboard instead of a mouse
  • make your mouse easier to use

Visit AbilityNet to learn how to make your device easier to use.

AbilityNet also provides hearing options for your phone, tablet or computer for people with a hearing impairment.

Make your device talk to you

Our website has been designed to be compatible with screen readers.

Visit AbilityNet to learn about screen readers and make your device talk to you.

Use an up to date browser

If you're experiencing problems viewing our website, you might need to update your browser.

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