If your application is refused

What you can do if your application has been refused

If your application has been refused, you can write to us to appeal the decision within 6 months of the date you were notified of the outcome.

Your written request must include:

  • the reason why you feel the decision is incorrect
  • if appropriate, any new supporting information from a health care professional not previously considered detailing your condition/s and how this/these impact your mobility

Please email or post your reasons in writing to the Blue Badge team

Your appeal will be considered by Essex County Council.

We may ask you to attend a mobility assessment or a further mobility assessment where one has already been carried out.

The re-assessment will be carried out by a different assessor from the individual that completed your original assessment.

If you applied under non-visible (hidden) disabilities, you will need to provide new supporting evidence that you wish to be considered.

This must be provided by a healthcare professional involved in your care or ongoing treatment, showing that you regularly experience difficulties whilst walking and that they are unmitigated or unmanaged.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you cannot re-apply for 6 months unless there is a significant change in your mobility.