What abuse, mistreatment and neglect is

Find out about different types of abuse and examples of what this might look like

Whether it's something big that's happening now, or small acts that build up over a long time, it's still abuse.

Often, abuse is a criminal offence.

If you suspect you are someone you know is being neglected, abused or is in danger, report a concern as a member of the public.

Neglect and abuse can take different forms. Types include:

  • discriminatory abuse, because of your age, gender, sexuality, disability, race or religion
  • domestic violence, when someone is hurting or intimidating someone at home
  • financial abuse, when someone is stealing from you
  • modern slavery and trafficking, human trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude
  • neglect and acts of omission, when you're not getting the care you need to feel safe and comfortable
  • organisational abuse, which is neglect and poor professional practice within a care setting
  • physical abuse, when someone is hurting you, like hitting or kicking you
  • sexual abuse, when someone is forcing you to do things you do not want to do
  • psychological and emotional abuse
  • self-neglect, which can be a lack of care for personal hygiene, health or surroundings, including hoarding

Find out more about types of abuse on the Essex SAB website