Why foster with Essex?

Fostering with your local council makes sure children receive outstanding care. We're here to provide everything you need to make a positive difference to child’s life.

Children come first, not profits

Local councils have no profit motive, compared to independent fostering agencies. These privately-owned agencies have shareholders and books to balance. 

But at Essex County Council, we are value driven, and all our funding supports our children and foster carers. We offer competitive financial support, recognising the life-changing work foster carers are doing.

Our looked after children receive outstanding care 

Ofsted agrees: they rated Essex County Council "Outstanding" in 2018, and once again in 2023.

Children’s needs are at the heart of decision-making and the whole workforce is committed, passionate and determined to achieve even better progress for children. The continued investment is making a significant and positive difference to many children.

You are keeping children close to their community

Independent agencies usually match vulnerable children with foster carers anywhere in the country. This makes it harder for children, who see their friends and family less often.

Instead, fostering with Essex keeps children closer to their important people. Often, they stay in their school too.

Local support for foster carers is available

Support and training is much more responsive. Every month, we host local fostering support groups. These sessions are a chance to ask questions and chat with other local foster carers. 

As well as other carers, you have access to professional help too. Your supervising social worker can visit you in-person. Plus, Essex County Council have an in-house mental health team and clinical psychologist. 

The support we have received from Essex County Council has been great. When we needed it, our supporting social worker was right there with advice and guidance.

We make the best match with children and foster carers

Because Essex County Council sees all the children in care, we know their story and needs. We work with our foster carers to learn about their own family, career and home life.

Then, we can piece the jigsaw together. By carefully matching children and families, we're more likely to set-up positive, nurturing relationships.

Join our fostering community and together we can transform children’s lives

Change a child’s life by becoming a foster carer

Our enquiry team can discuss ways fostering can fit in with your own career and family. Call or email us today to learn more.

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