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Customer service awards

1 May 2018

We value your feedback about our services and it’s great to see so many of you using the different options available.

You’ve already told us about the great customer service you’ve received from our staff through the feedback you’ve given so far.  However, so that those staff are recognised for the work they do, we’re launching Customer Service Awards.

This is your chance to tell us if someone:
  • Went the extra mile to help you.**
  • Resolved your enquiry beyond your expectations.**
  • Anticipated what you needed and resolved things quickly for you.**
  • Dealt with a really challenging situation effectively.**

**To ensure the process is fair, we cannot accept nominations from friends and relations. We will request some basic contact information to check this.

How to make your nomination

Let us know about the staff you would like to nominate via our online form

What happens next?

We’ll let the member of staff’s Line Manager know you have nominated them.  All customers who make a nomination will be entered into an electronic prize draw and, once a quarter, the lucky winner will receive a small gift voucher as a token of our appreciation.