Financial assessment


A financial assessment tells us how much you can afford to pay towards your care and support. It looks at your:

  • income – such as pensions and benefits
  • assets – such as savings, investments, property and land

We will not look at the income or property of your partner in the financial assessment.

Eligibility for financial support

If your income and assets are:

  • less than £23,250, you will be eligible for means-tested support to help pay for your care
  • more than £23,250, you will have to pay the full cost of your care

The value of your home

We won’t include the value of your home in the financial assessment if you have care at home, also called domiciliary and non-residential care. We will include the value of additional properties you own.

We will normally include the value of your home if you permanently move to a care home. See paying for a care home.

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