Financial assessment

What you need to tell us

Financial assessments can seem confusing and worrying - whether it's for yourself or on behalf of someone you know. The following information explains what you need to tell us in a financial assessment.

About you

We'll need your contact information and, if you have one, details of your power of attorney, deputy or financial representative.

Documents you might need:

  • Power of Attorney documentation
  • Appointee forms
  • Court of Protection Order

Savings and capital

We'll need to know about all your bank accounts, and any savings, bonds and investments you have.

Documents you might need:

  • Bank account statements
  • Savings account statements
  • Bond certificates
  • Life assurance bond certificates evidencing life/lives assured and any income received
  • Share certificates
  • National savings certificates
  • Investment or trust documents
  • Property title and mortgage documents


We'll need to know about the benefits you receive, all your pensions and any income you make, including rental income from property or land.

Documents you might need:

  • Latest benefit entitlement or award letters from the Department for Work and Pensions for the current financial year (April to March)
  • Verification of private pension
  • Paperwork relating to a deferred pension or annuity
  • Proof of salary
  • Evidence of rental income
  • Current bank account statements detailing other income

If you are waiting to hear about a benefit which you have applied for, please inform us immediately when you hear about the claim.

Housing costs

We'll need to know about your share of expenses relating to your Council Tax, rent, mortgage and service charges.

Documents you might need:

  • Housing benefit or Council Tax award letter
  • Relevant paperwork showing how much you pay for rent, service charges, mortgage and Council Tax
  • Rental agreement or housing association breakdown showing other costs included in your rent and service charges
  • Last 4 utility bills showing your annual heating and power costs
  • Water, sewerage, buildings and contents insurance bills

Proof of Direct Debit payments will be accepted.

Costs linked to your disability

If you are having care at home, we'll also need to see any evidence relating to expenses you may have because of your condition, impairment or disability.

Sometimes the amount taken into account within your financial assessment may not be based on what you actually pay but the National Minimum Wage.

Where possible, to avoid any delay in you receiving your financial assessment outcome, we may make an allowance as a ‘reasonable contribution’ or allow an average amount based on costs published by a provider, such as Age UK, without evidence. However we will always review if and when you can verify your expense in full.

See the statutory guidance on disability-related expenditure on GOV.UK for more information.


We'll need to know about any property and land you own.

Documents you might need:

  • Your latest mortgage statement
  • Documents relating to additional property
  • Equity release documents
  • Proof of joint ownership
  • Proof of property previously owned in the last 2 years

Not completing a financial assessment

If you don’t want to complete a financial assessment or tell us about your financial circumstances, we will assume you can pay for the full cost of your care and we will charge you that amount.

By choosing the ‘not disclose’ option on the form, you are agreeing to our terms of paying the full cost of your care and we will confirm this in writing to you. If you don’t pay, we will take action to recover any outstanding charges owed to us.

Giving away your money or property

Giving away your assets, such as property or money, to avoid paying care costs is called ‘deprivation of assets’. If we think this has happened, we will include the value of the assets in your financial assessment.

See the Care Act guidance on financial assessments on GOV.UK.

If you have any questions about the financial assessment

Contact us if you have any questions about the financial assessment.

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