Getting tested

If you don't have symptoms

Updated 19 August 2021

Regular self-testing (twice a week), with lateral flow tests can reduce the spread of infection and stop people unknowingly passing on the virus to others.

These tests are fast and free, and everyone in Essex without symptoms can now order packs of lateral flow tests to do at home. We recommend self-testing twice a week.

How do I get a lateral flow test?

You can choose to:

If you have the option of getting tested through your workplace, school, college or university, you should continue to do so.

If you cannot order online

If you cannot order online, call 119.

If you cannot test yourself

If you have a health condition that makes testing yourself at home difficult, you can now get an assisted test at a number of pharmacies across Essex.

Taking the test and reporting results

You should follow the instructions included with your test kit for taking the test and reporting your results.

If a test result is positive

If you or anyone in your household tests positive:

Self-isolation rules have changed. You will not need to self-isolate in certain situations.

Find out how to get support if you are self-isolating.

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