Getting tested

If you don't have symptoms

Updated 9 April 2021

Why should I get tested?

You may be unaware you have coronavirus if you are showing no symptoms. And you could, unknowingly, be passing it on to family, friends and loved ones. The more of us that get tested, the quicker we can stop the spread.

What is a lateral flow device test (LFD)?

A lateral flow device test (LFD) allows people who have no symptoms to find out if they are infected, but not know it yet. It's a rapid test, and you can get a result within 20-30 minutes.

Who can get tested?

If you don't have symptoms and you live or work in Essex you can get a test.

How do I get a test?

LFD tests can be taken in two ways.

An assisted test is where the person takes the test themselves under the supervision of a trained operator. The operator processes the test, reads and reports the result:

A home (self-reported) test is where a person takes the test by themselves and reads and reports their own result:

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