Land searches

We provide land searches for minerals and waste operations in Essex. This includes quarries, waste facilities and landfill sites within 250 metres of a specified area of land.

We charge £30 for each land search request. For this fee, we will:

  • confirm the proximity of the minerals or waste site to the area in question
  • provide any information we hold about the site

The site details we provide will vary depending on the age of the site, which affects the information we hold.

Statutory consultees as per (the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure)(England) Order 2015) will not be charged for land searches.

Email your land search enquiry to:

Once we receive your email, we’ll respond with:

  • details of the site in question
  • how to make a payment

For all other land enquiries, contact the Environment Agency or the relevant district, borough or city council.

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