Local outbreak plan and tracker tool

Local outbreak plan

Alongside the national NHS Test and Trace service, there is a requirement from government for local test and trace systems to be established.

The Essex and Southend contact tracing service is being delivered in partnership with:

  • Southend Borough Council
  • Public Health England (PHE) regional team
  • Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE)
  • Provide
  • PHE local health protection team
  • Environmental Health Officers in local councils

This draft outlines the plan for local outbreaks of COVID-19 in the Essex County Council area and how this works with regional and national systems for COVID-19 control.

We will produce the plan in an accessible format at a later date.

Tracker tool

Use our COVID-19 tracker tool to find out the following information for your local area:

  • total number of confirmed cases
  • daily number of confirmed new cases
  • weekly registered deaths in hospitals
  • weekly registered deaths in care homes
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