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Be exam results ready

Be exam results ready

Receiving exam results is an exciting time for young people; results can open up a wealth of opportunities and mark the pathway to their dream life, whatever they choose to do.

However, so much choice can also be overwhelming and it’s easy to be confused by what to do next. Every young person is different; what’s right for one, won’t be right for another and young people can put pressure on themselves as they try to figure out what step to take next.

Therefore, being prepared is key. Regardless of the results they are expecting, start by talking to your child and help them to understand the options they have available to them – there is no wrong path to what they want to do in life.

Knowing how and where to access support, whether in relation to their exam results, or with understanding their feelings during this time, can also help young people feel calmer and more in control.

In Essex, there are lots of different opportunities that will be right for your child, whether this is University, an apprenticeship, work experience, or volunteering, their future is bright!

Last updated 11 August 2019