Caution advised as we enter Step 4

Caution advised as we enter Step 4

Today marks a key step in the Covid-19 pandemic, with the lifting of all legal restrictions on social contact. For some, today will be a welcome relief. For others, it may feel daunting now that it is down to individuals to manage the risk to themselves and others. Both of these feelings are completely normal and we are here to support you as we learn to live safely with Covid-19 together.

It is important that everyone continues to take sensible steps to stay safe. The Government has shared new guidance to help people manage the risk of Covid-19 in the most appropriate way for them and those around them. This includes continuing to:

  • meet in ventilated areas where possible, such as outdoors or indoors with windows open
  • wear a face covering when seeing people you don’t normally meet in enclosed and crowded spaces
  • wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser regularly
  • cover your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze
  • stay at home if you are unwell to reduce the risk of passing on other illnesses
  • consider individual risks, such as existing conditions and vaccination status

If you haven’t had your Covid-19 vaccination, you are also encouraged to do so. The vaccine has reduced the number of people with Covid-19 who need to go into hospital and the number of deaths. You can book your vaccination appointment now and remember to have both doses.

While the vaccine will prevent you from becoming seriously ill with the virus, there is still a chance you can catch it. It is therefore important that everyone continues to test themselves regularly. If you are not showing symptoms of Covid-19, testing is the only way to know if you have the virus. You can order free Covid-19 tests online or pick up packs from a local collection point. Remember, even in Step 4, you must self-isolate if you test positive or are advised to by NHS Test and Trace.

As we take this next cautious step together, we will be sharing more advice and information on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to help you stay safe and protect those around you. If you need further support, please visit our Coronavirus Hub and Let’s Keep Covid in Check.

Last updated 19 July 2021