Essex green skills review is published

Essex green skills review is published

We have published a new review identifying the green skills opportunities in Essex.

We appointed Mace Group to conduct a review of the county’s green skills, as recommended by the independent Essex Climate Action Commission.

The Essex Green Skills Infrastructure review includes recommendations to ensure residents have the appropriate green skills to support businesses.

These focus on improving future green skills infrastructure by raising awareness, aligning strategic leadership, and promoting collaboration and partnerships.

The review identifies green skills gaps in Essex as well as business needs. It also reviews providers' capacity and identifies good practice and opportunities for development.

The ‘green economy’ is a growing sector and Essex is well positioned to attract new businesses. Analysis shows green skills jobs in Essex could increase by 96% by 2030.

We will consider the recommendations and publish an action plan in the coming months.

You can find out more information about the green sector on the Essex Opportunities website or by watching the Essex Opportunities live show on the green sector and free retrofit training.

View The Essex Green Skills Infrastructure review online.

Last updated 6 May 2022