Essex Leaders and MPs request move to ‘High level’ Covid restrictions as coronavirus cases continue to rise

Following extensive discussions with Leaders of other councils across the county and with Essex MPs, Essex County Council is to apply to the Secretary of State for Health to be placed into the new ‘High level’ banding of Covid-19 restrictions.

Essex continues to see an increase in cases, which the County’s Director of Public Health and Wellbeing, Dr Mike Gogarty has advised will continue to accelerate unless urgent action is taken and a move to ‘High’ from the current ‘Medium’ level is made sooner rather than later.

Essex has seen a significant increase in the number of cases, and rates in nearly all districts are now rising exponentially. Read how the data that shows why we need a high covid 19 alert level.

While the great majority of cases are in the younger age groups, rates are now increasing in older age groups as well, who are at higher risk of serious consequences. Hospital admissions are rising, and deaths are also now being reported. Without action now, Council expects to see substantially increase pressure on hospitals which will impact still further on those suffering from other serious conditions such as cancer.

Under High level restrictions, people must not meet with anybody outside their household or support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place. They must not meet in a group of more than 6 outside, including in a garden or other space.

Should ‘High level’ restrictions fail to work, areas would be placed into ‘Very High’, the highest level of restrictions.

Line graph showing how cases of Covid-19 will increase if we delay moving Essex into 'High level'
line graph showing how cases of Covid-19 will increase considerably more if we delay moving Essex into 'High level'

The request, which will go to the Secretary of State today (Tuesday 13 October), has the support of leaders from across the County Council’s area, along with the County’s MPs and Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Read the government guidance on the COVID-19 alert levels.

Last updated 13 October 2020