Essex Short Breaks, Clubs and Activities

Essex Short Breaks, Clubs and Activities

Cllr Beverley Egan, Essex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Early Years, said: “We have received notice from one of our Essex Short Breaks, Clubs and Activities providers that they are no longer able to deliver their contract with us.

“As we have a duty of care to ensure children and young people’s needs continue to be met through Essex short breaks, clubs and activities, we have had no choice but to reluctantly terminate our contract with them.

“While we have previously supported this provider to explore how their situation could be made more viable it became clear that was not achievable.

“I would like to reassure families that this decision has not been taken lightly but we must act in their best interests. The funding that would have been spent on the contract with Parc will be redirected to the support efforts to coordinate alternative provision for families. There are no savings being considered at any point in relation to this decision.

“Alternative arrangements have been put in place for the families affected and we will work with them to access alternative provision. Our short breaks team is available to meet with parents and carers and I would encourage anyone with any further questions to please get in touch with them.”

Last updated 20 June 2022