First net zero carbon school building in Essex

First net zero carbon school building in Essex

Sweyne Park School in Rayleigh has become the first in Essex to enjoy a new, net zero carbon building. The new building highlights how we are taking steps to be more sustainable and our plans to address climate change. It is the start of similar projects planned across the county in the future.

Buildings are currently responsible for 39% of carbon emissions around the world. However, this new building was made in separate parts, away from the school site. This is more sustainable as it reduces carbon emissions and waste.

It is also powered by electricity created by solar panels on the roof. This can power the school due to the energy-saving measures used inside, including LED lighting and electric heating.

The building includes six new classrooms, a staff room, office and storage. It will support children who are deaf or have a hearing impairment and has enhanced lighting and acoustic standards.

Clacton County High School and Colne Community College in Brightlingsea will also have new net zero carbon buildings later this year.

The Essex Climate Action Commission report includes the other ways we are making the county carbon neutral.

Last updated 27 August 2021