Getting ready for Reception

Getting ready for Reception

While school is almost out for the summer, parents and carers of children due to start Reception in September may already be thinking how they can prepare their little one for the start of their school journey.

We know that starting school is an exciting milestone for lots of children, however some may feel daunted about what to expect. Luckily, our Early Years team will be sharing useful hints, tips and ideas throughout the summer holidays to help parents and carers get their child ready.

Every child is different and being ready for school is not about making sure children can write their name or read certain words. It’s about helping them to build confidence, independence and resilience so that they are happy and excited to embrace new experiences and meeting new grown-ups and friends.

Developing these areas can easily be incorporated as part of everyday experiences such as shopping, going for walks or playing at home - anything where they might hear a new word or experience something new. Children can also learn and develop through role play, imaginative play, as well as playing with things like Lego or Play-doh which gives them the chance to expand their vocabulary and understanding.

Primary School colleagues will be eagerly awaiting to meet their new classes in September and the most important thing parents and carers can do to help their child get ready for Reception is to have fun this summer.

Over the coming weeks, parents and carers are encouraged to follow the Talk, Listen Cuddle Facebook page to hear from primary teachers, early years professionals and other parents who will be sharing tips and advice to help children get the best start to their school journey.

Last updated 19 July 2021