Green skills review to lay foundations for greener Essex economy

Green skills review to lay foundations for greener Essex economy

A review will take place into the Essex’s green skills to help attract more businesses to the county. The ‘green economy’ is a growing sector and Essex is well positioned to attract new businesses. It is crucial that Essex residents have the opportunity to gain the right skills to take advantage of these jobs.

Essex County Council (ECC) and the Essex Climate Action Commission (ECAC) have announced Mace Group has been appointed to carry out a review of the county’s green skills.

The review will identify skills gaps and business needs, as well as existing skills provision, along with good practice and potential development.

Isabel McAllister, Director for Responsible Business at Mace, said: “Our work with Essex County Council will identify relevant green skills gaps and how these can be addressed, to maximise opportunity for residents and businesses in the county. The review will help place the council at the forefront of pursuing a sustainable world and help ensure the UK achieves its 2050 net zero carbon commitment.”

Cllr Tony Ball, Cabinet Member for Education Excellence, Lifelong Learning and Employability, said: “I am delighted to announce this green skills review, which will lay the foundations for a greener and more prosperous Essex. I am looking forward to seeing the results from Mace Group.”

For more information, or to contribute towards the review, email

The Essex Climate Action Commission was set up to advise Essex County Council about tackling climate change.

Earlier this year it released its Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral report which contains information about each of the recommendations put forward by the Commission to Essex.

Last updated 7 October 2021