Healthy School Streets programme starts in Brentwood and Braintree

Healthy School Streets programme starts in Brentwood and Braintree

Work to improve street safety for families and pupils walking or cycling to school has this summer taken place in two Essex towns.

Sawyers Hall Lane in Brentwood and Gilchrist Way and Lancaster Way in Braintree have been improved as part of ECC’s Healthy School Streets programme.

The work has taken place following engagement with families in the area, such as the Active Travel Fund 2 consultation held last year and recent children and parent workshops and drop-in sessions.

At Sawyers Hall Lane in Brentwood the pavement has been permanently widened to allow more space. New “pencil” bollards have been installed to deter pavement parking, 20mph signs have been put up and road lining including refreshing the double yellow lines and nearby zebra crossing.

The pavement on Lancaster Way in Braintree has been resurfaced to make active travel easier. Road markings have been refreshed and temporary street art painted on the road as well as Gilchrist Way to change the look and feel of the street. ‘20mph is plenty’ signs and thermoplastic ‘Children Crossing Warning’ road signs will follow over the next few weeks.

Cllr Lee Scott, Cabinet Member for Highways Maintenance and Sustainable Transport at Essex County Council said: “We know from our engagement with Brentwood and Braintree schools that the majority of the children and parents support our Healthy School Streets approach.

“Easing congestion and improving air quality by reducing emissions is of paramount importance and our Healthy School Streets programme is one of the ways we’re doing this. We know that by encouraging active travel - walking, cycling or scooting - our children’s physical health will improve as well as their mental well-being.

“The result is a happier, safer and healthier street environment for everyone and is all part of our commitment to make Essex safer, greener and healthier.”

Last updated 20 September 2022