Library Service to transfer to new Library Management System

Library Service to transfer to new Library Management System

Essex and Thurrock Library Services are about to start the transfer to their new Library Management System (LMS).

The new LMS will deliver a modern, interactive experience that will continue to evolve and develop and give residents a system that is fit for the future. Over time the new system will have the following benefits:

• Access to over 6 million new items of stock
• Socially interactive platform
• Users will be able to follow their favourite authors, friends, read press releases on forthcoming titles
• It will enable authors to engage with their readers
• It will display the most popular titles, the current content and latest releases
• It will host virtual book clubs
• It will follow the customer, build a profile and make recommendations
• Customer recommendations – star rating system and post reviews
• Events bookings system

In order to transfer the data and set up the new LMS, the library catalogue and app will be unavailable 6-21 April. During that period customers will be unable to search for items, place reservations or check their account. Customers will still be able to collect any reservations they have previously been notified are available.

More details about how these changes will affect customer can be can found via the Frequently Asked Questions on the website:

Last updated 23 March 2021