New Covid-19 vaccination site at County Hall

New Covid-19 vaccination site at County Hall

A new Covid-19 vaccination site is being created at Essex County Council’s headquarters in Chelmsford. The new site will offer first doses, second doses and booster jabs from a former registration services’ office in Remembrance Square at County Hall, in Market Road. It is being set up to provide much-needed additional capacity for vaccinations for residents of Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

It will be open from Friday 17th December. Appointments are available to book now. The site will be open on Friday 17th December and Monday 20th December for pre-booked appointments and walk-ins.

The NHS is stepping up the booster vaccine rollout due to the emergence of the Omicron variant. All adults will now be offered the chance to book a booster before the end of the year. Early data shows a third booster dose prevents about 75% of people from getting any Covid symptoms from Omicron.

Dr Mike Gogarty, Essex County Council’s Director of Public Health, says getting booster jabs is vital.

Dr Gogarty said: “Booster vaccinations are our most important defence against the emergence of the Omicron variant. A booster is not a ‘top up’, it is a huge increase in your ability to fight the virus. We know the level of immunoglobulin, the substance that provides immunity by attacking the virus, increases up to 40-fold following a booster.

“Increasing our immunity this winter is incredibly important to minimise the pressure the health service is under and I would urge everyone to come forward to book their booster jab as soon as possible.”

Who can book a booster jab?

  • All residents over the age of 30 can book a booster jab now. You can either book online at the NHS website or by calling 119.
  • From Wednesday 15th December everyone over 18 will be able to book their booster.

Where can I get my booster?

Updates about the booster rollout in Essex are available at the NHS vaccine hub website.

Last updated 13 December 2021