New website answers your questions on Covid-19

New website answers your questions on Covid-19

A new website answering young people’s questions about Covid has launched. Everything Covid Essex is designed by young people for young people. We have developed the site, with all the information verified by the NHS.

On the site, vaccine experts and NHS staff provide advice and guidance, debunk vaccine myths and share what young people might want to consider before getting the jab. They address concerns like fertility, side effects, boosters and variants and answer young people's frequently asked questions on Covid-19.

The website features videos, TikToks and Instagram Reels from experts and young people. You can also hear why they chose to get vaccinated, why they are self-testing and what their experience was like with the vaccine.

Dr Mike Gogarty, Director for Public Health in Essex, said: “With so much misinformation out there, it’s important there is one place for people in Essex to go to find the all the facts about Covid-19, vaccines and boosters.

“I would encourage anyone hesitant, or with questions to visit the website and ask the experts if they are still unsure.”

If you have a question, you can submit it online and the NHS will answer it for you. You can also visit the site to book your vaccine when you are ready and find out how to order self-tests.

Whether you or someone you know is feeling unsure about the vaccine, Everything Covid Essex can help you get answers.

Last updated 20 December 2021