Pause in community donations

Pause in community donations

Following an overwhelming response from Essex residents, the acceptance of new donations of clothes and other items for people arriving from Afghanistan has been paused.

We shared details last week of local centres which were accepting donations for individuals and families. The centres saw an outpouring of support from kind-hearted people wanting to help. The British Red Cross will now sort through all the donations received to date and will distribute them to families.

Several families from Afghanistan have been placed in hotels in Essex by the Home Office. This is part of the Government's emergency response to evacuations from the country.

Arrangements are currently being made to find permanent housing for these families, which may not be in the county. Anyone who is able to offer suitable housing is encouraged to speak to the housing department of their local city, borough or district council.

We have been supporting families, alongside partners, while they are in Essex. This includes ensuring they have access to health and care, as well as support to help them adjust to their new surroundings.

Last updated 1 September 2021