Support for working families enters next phase

Support for working families enters next phase

Further support for working families in Essex has been announced with the launch of The Essex plan for Working Families.

Working families may not qualify for support or use our services, but they might need extra support, particularly following the pandemic.

The plan addresses some of the most challenging issues faced by working parents and aims to assist in easing financial worries, improve access to good quality childcare, provide more support with housing and encourage the uptake of new skills and employment opportunities.

The plan also looks at work/life balance and aims to make positive changes by helping local employers remove the barriers that parents might face in the workplace and support a more flexible, family friendly culture.

This week, Essex employers will join a roundtable hosted by Cllr Louise McKinlay, the County Council’s Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member for Community, Equality, Partnership and Performance.

The roundtable is the first stage in the development of a family friendly charter, a set of standards for employers to follow that will encourage a family-inclusive workplace.

The charter will reassure working parents that they are either working for, or applying for a job at, a company that will be committed to supporting them to thrive both at work and at home.

Last updated 13 October 2021