This is our chance to make a difference on Climate Change

This is our chance to make a difference on Climate Change

Two young people from the Young Essex Assembly are set to play a lead role in advising the council on climate change

Daniel, aged 14 from Epping Forest and Prajwal, aged 17 from Chelmsford have been chosen to co-chair the Essex Climate Action Commission alongside Lord John Randall, Peer in the House of Lords. The first meeting takes place via video conference on 12 May.

Back at the beginning of March Daniel and Prajwal travelled into London and met with Lord Randall to discuss why they got involved with the Essex Climate Action Commission.

Daniel said, “I wished to join this committee from the first moment I heard about it. I knew that surely by joining such a great initiative I was destined to contribute towards a great cause. Climate change is a very important issue which is close to my heart due to the fact I must live on this planet and so will generations yet to come. To help reach sustainability is a great feeling.

“Meeting with Lord Randall was a huge honour and by far one of the great highlights of my life. Learning about his work and experiences as an MP was very intriguing and I was interested to learn more. The ideas and main struggles the Climate Action Committee wish to tackle were met with very realistic and amazing ideas which I will surely use in future projects to tackle the issue of climate change. Talking about the task ahead made me proud to be part of something great which will surely make a difference to our communities and our path to a sustainable future. Overall, I do believe that even if we can’t change the world, we can lay a brick of the foundation for a changed world.”

Prajwal said, “In light of scientific literature demonstrating the impact of our choices on the climate, never before has climate change become a more topical issue, especially amongst young people. We share the concern regarding what is being done by decision makers to protect our climate for our generation and many to come. That is what led me to join the Essex County Council Climate Action Commission, to represent the young people of Essex in this issue and ensure that necessary measures are taken to preserve the Earth’s climate for these young people.

Having the opportunity to go to the House of Lords and meet Lord Randall was an amazing experience and, in my view, a clear manifestation of the significance of the role that I am to carry out and how privileged I am to be able to carry out such a prestigious role. As Co-chair, I wish to ensure that young people are more so engaged with the topic of climate change, enabling young generations to implement more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. I wish to also ensure that necessary consequential actions are taken to further drive down Essex’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Climate Action Commission, is an independent cross-party commission that will make recommendations to Essex County Council that aim to tackle climate change, by improving the environment with economic benefits for Essex, as well as helping the global climate and improving the local environment for residents.

Last updated 5 May 2020