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Employability and Skills Unit

1 February 2018

The following privacy notice applies to the Employability and Skills Unit.

Information collected:

  • Name 
  • DoB 
  • Gender 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Address 
  • Contact details 
  • Unique Learner Number 
  • Unique Pupil Number 
  • Statement or Education
  • Health & Care Plan 
  • Current Destination 
  • Education Information 
  • Intended Destinations for Year 11 
  • Guarantee Offer of Learning Activity Survey 
  • Occupation Choices
  • NHS number

Agencies we might share the information with:

  • Department for Education
  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 
  • Education Providers 
  • Other Local Authorities 
  • University/College Admissions Body 
  • DWP
  • Other Education Teams

Purpose for processing: Service delivery, service improvement and planning, prevention and detection of crime or fraud and research using anonymised data only.

Use of your NHS number in education

If you are receiving education then the NHS may share your NHS number with the local authority.

This is so the NHS and the local authority are using the same number to identify you while providing your education.

By using the same number the NHS and the local authority can work together more closely to improve your education and support.

We'll use this number in an integrated care record system across a number of support services including GPs, hospitals, community matrons, district nurses and social care practitioners.

It will also be shared with statutory education services for the provision of targeted education for children and young people.

If you want to opt-out from the use of your NHS number for education purposes, please talk with your social worker, or by contacting us on 0345 603 7630 or email: