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What personal information do we hold?

28 November 2018

We only collect and use the minimum personal information required to deliver your service.  Wherever possible we use non-identifiable personal information.

The services may use some or all of the personal information below:

  • Names, address and contact details
  • Family relationships and friendships
  • Lifestyle and social circumstances
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Birth Registration District and Sub District
  • Library card number
  • National Insurance Number 
  • Gender 
  • School name (only for the Summer Reading Challenge)
  • Disclosure of criminal convictions (library volunteers only)
  • Referee and emergency contact information including, name and contact details, relationship to you, job title
  • Health information 
  • Housing needs
  • Financial Details 
  • Ethnicity and or nationality
  • Digital Images
  • Religious beliefs
  • Licences and permits held
  • Goods and services information 
  • Offences (Trading Standards only)

We get most of this information from you, but we may also get some of this information about you from:

  • health and education providers
  • commissioned partners
  • family members
  • your legal representative
  • Children and family hubs
  • referees
  • employers
  • regulatory bodies
  • other ECC social care teams
  • National Anti-Fraud Network
  • other enforcement partners