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Who is the data controller for this processing?

13 February 2019

Essex County Council is the Data Controller for this processing with the exception of Essex Pensions Service, where ECC is a Joint Data Controller with:

  • Essex Pension Fund (Pension Administrators)
  • Barnett Waddingham (Scheme Actuary)
  • Prudential (Scheme AVC Provider)
  • Standard Life (Scheme AVC Provider)
  • Equitable Life (Scheme AVC Provider)
  • Ernst Young (Scheme Auditor)
  • South Yorkshire Pension Authority (LGPS National Insurance Database)
  • The Department for Work and Pensions
  • The Governments Actuary’s Department
  • The Cabinet Office (National Fraud Initiative)
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • The Courts of England and Wales (Pension Sharing)

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