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Register a birth

What you should bring

If you can, you should bring the baby's red book or hospital discharge papers.

At the appointment, the registrar will ask you to confirm:

  • when and where your baby was born
  • the sex of the baby
  • full name of the child and the correct spelling
  • full names of the parent/s and the correct spelling
  • parents' jobs and addresses
  • dates and places of birth of parents
  • the date of marriage and the mother’s maiden name, if the parents are married

Once you have registered your baby, a full birth certificate will be issued. You will need this when applying for your child's passport and schools.

There’s no fee for registering your baby, but you can buy a full birth certificate for £11 at the appointment, paying by cash, card or cheque.

You can buy extra copies from the Essex Records Office at any time, but it might cost slightly more.

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