Service update

It may take longer than usual to get an appointment at certain locations. You can book an alternative location if you need an appointment sooner.

You can book in person appointments for:

  • birth registrations
  • notices of marriage
  • civil partnership appointments

Harlow Library is closed until Spring 2022. You can make a booking at our temporary offices at North Weald and Tye Green libraries. More appointments are available at Epping Library.

For death and stillbirth registrations, you must book a telephone appointment through our online system.

Register a stillbirth

When to register a stillbirth

If your baby was born after the 24th week of pregnancy but did not breathe or show any signs of life, you will need to register a stillbirth.

This gives parents an opportunity to have their child officially acknowledged and have their name recorded.

This has to happen before you’re able to have a burial or cremation for your baby.

If your baby was born before 24 weeks and showed no signs of life, this is legally classed as a miscarriage, and you do not need to register it.

If your baby showed signs of life after birth and then died you will need to register this as a birth and a death within five days.

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