Extension of Public Consultation

Full details of this consultation extension, all related documents and how to respond.

map showing boundaries of Hole Farm

This consultation is an extension of the Minerals Local Plan Review public consultation which closed on 9th April 2024. This is due to the unintentional omission of Site A83 from the List of Candidate Sites.

It ensures that Site A83 is subjected to the same level of local public scrutiny as all other sites. This ensures that there is no perceived injustice arising from the omission. Comments made in relation to other sites, unless directly linked to Site A83, will not be taken into account.

The consultation is again being held in conformity with the:

  • Essex Statement of Community Involvement 2024
  • Regulation 18 of the of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended)

The full evidence base from the original consultation remains available for comment. The most relevant supporting information for Site A83 are the:

Site A83 underwent the same assessment processes as all other sites at the same time and by the same consultants.

The consultation is open for comments until 24 July 2024.

There are two main documents to comment on as part of this consultation: the draft Replacement Minerals Local Plan and the A83 Site Assessment work. Each document has its own questions.

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Alternative ways to comment

If you are unable to submit your comments online, you can download the response forms. These forms can then be emailed or posted to us.

Download the Minerals Local Plan response form (DOC, 91.88KB)

Download the Site A83 Report response form (DOC, 64.1 KB)

Email: mandwpolicy@essex.gov.uk



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