Essex plan for working families

Our plan for working families (PDF, 5.14MB) explains how we intend to make life easier for families that are struggling financially. It sets out how we are supporting working parents with money worries, childcare, housing and employment.

The priority themes are:


Creating the conditions for working parents to access affordable and flexible childcare to meet their needs.


Supporting working families to avoid situations where housing costs or insecurity impact on their financial and family stability and mental wellbeing.

Information, advice and guidance

Ensuring working families can easily access the right information, advice and guidance they need to make decisions for themselves and their families when they have limited headspace to seek it out.

Skills and employment

Working with employers so that they embed a truly family-friendly ethos into their employment practices and help working parents develop their skills and prospects.

Living costs

Helping working families to make their income go further and cope with spikes in spending that we know can be destabilising, without recourse to public assistance.

Essex Family-Friendly Employers Charter

Our ambition is to make Essex one of the most family-friendly counties in England.

We're encouraging employers to adopt family-friendly policies and sign up to our Essex Family-Friendly Employers Charter.