School attendance and absence

Penalty notices

Your child must start full-time education once they reach compulsory school age. This is on 31 December, 31 March or 31 August following their fifth birthday, whichever comes first. If your child’s fifth birthday is on one of those dates then they reach compulsory school age on that date.

Only children of compulsory school age fall within the scope of the penalty notice Code of Conduct.

You could be issued with a penalty notice if your child misses school without permission.

Reasons for penalty notices include:

  • truancy
  • unauthorised absence
  • your child was identified during a school attendance and exclusion sweep
  • holidays in term time without permission
  • excluded pupils found in a public place during the first 5 days of exclusion

How much a penalty notice costs

Penalty fines cost:

  • £60 per child, per parent, if you pay within 21 days
  • £120 per child, per parent if you pay within 28 days

You could be prosecuted if you don’t pay the fine after 28 days.

Penalty notices are sent by post.

How to pay

You can pay your fine online.

Withdrawal of a penalty notice

A penalty notice can only be withdrawn if it:

Appeal a penalty notice

There is no right of appeal against a penalty notice. Contact your child's school if you think a penalty notice should not have been issued.

Contact the Attendance Compliance Team

If you have been issued a penalty notice or have received a Notice of Intention to Prosecute letter.

Telephone: 03330 322 988

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