Schools opening: guidance for parents and carers

Updated 22 June 2020

Some primary schools have reopened to children in nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6. Some early years settings, secondary schools, colleges and special schools have also started to reopen to more children.

Each school and setting has made its own decision on how it will open to more children and young people based on the completion of a health and safety risk assessment. Contact your child’s school or setting to find out about their plans for reopening.

Children can attend if they:

Children must not attend if:

Contact your child’s school or setting if you are unsure about these guidelines.

Do I have to send my child to school?

It is not compulsory to send your child to school or college at this time. You will not be fined if you choose not to.

Your school or setting will need to keep in touch with you so they can plan their provision.

You may wish to contact your school or setting to ask any questions you may have or seek reassurance.

You may change your decision at a later date.

Special schools

Your school will keep you up-to-date with their arrangements.

When your child goes back to school

Your school or nursery will let you know about:

  • how classes will be organised
  • cleaning and health and safety
  • what your child will need to bring
  • what your child will need to wear
  • dropping off and collecting your child from school or nursery

Confirmed or suspected cases of coronavirus

The Department for Education has guidance on what will happen if there is a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus in your child’s school or nursery.

Travelling to and from school

You should:

  • plan your child’s journey ahead of time
  • walk or cycle if you can
  • avoid public transport where possible

Arrangements for home to school transport are being managed between schools and their transport operator. This service will continue, but you may experience some changes, such as fewer people allowed on the vehicle. Please contact your school or college for further information.

Supporting your child to return to school

Talk to your child about returning to school and explain it may be different. Tell them:

  • they’ll be in a smaller class than usual
  • they’ll be asked to wash their hands more often
  • they may not be in their usual room
  • they may even go outside for lessons
  • they might sit further away from others in class

Explain that these things are important to do at the moment to help reduce the spread of germs.

If you need help with this:

Home learning

Schools and colleges will continue to provide a home learning offer to all pupils.

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