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Secure emails: What it means for you

We use a secure email system called Egress in order to comply with data protection regulations and to ensure data sent we send is encrypted and arrives with the intended recipient as securely as possible. Egress enhances our ability to deliver emails to partners in a way that is user-friendly and relevant to each partner.

It’s free to access and free to reply

When you first receive a secure email from us via Egress, you'll need to register for a free Egress account by selecting the ‘New User’ link in the email you receive.

If you're an existing Egress user, you simply log in with your Egress ID and password.

By using your free Egress account, you'll be able to reply to and initiate secure correspondence with us and other paying Egress subscribers free of charge.

How to use Egress

This short video explains how to use Egress:

Further information

For help and support with using Egress, see their user guides and prooduct documentation online.

Alternatively, contact Egress Software Technologies Customer Service or email

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