Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)


Children and young people with SEND may find it harder to learn than other children of the same age. They may need extra help because of a wide range of needs.

Communication and interaction

Speech, language and communication difficulties makes it hard for some children to make sense of language or understand how to communicate appropriately with others.

Cognition and learning

Some children may learn at a slower pace than others their age. They may find it difficult to:

  • understand parts of the curriculum
  • organise and remember things
  • learn certain things like literacy or numeracy

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Some children may find it difficult to manage relationships with other people and are withdrawn. It may affect their behaviour and the way they learn.

Sensory or physical needs

Visual or hearing impairments, or a physical need means some children may need additional ongoing support and equipment.

Having English as a second language is not considered by law to be a special educational need.

GOV.UK has more on children with SEND.

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