Support for residents

Updated 15 June 2022

Free tests for coronavirus from the NHS have now ended for most people in England. A small number of people who are at high risk from coronavirus will still be able to get free tests. You can read more about the new testing guidance on GOV.UK.

How to stay safe and reduce the spread

In England, coronavirus will begin to be managed like other respiratory infections.

Regular handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes help to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses including colds, flu and coronavirus.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus

Check the current NHS guidance on what to do if you have coronavirus or symptoms of coronavirus.

If you think you have coronavirus and your symptoms get worse, call NHS 111.

Recovering from coronavirus

The NHS has information on recovering from coronavirus on Your Covid Recovery.

Community and mental health support

If you are unwell and need help with shopping and collecting medicines, you can get help from:

It's important to know that mental health support is available, even if services seem busy. For more information visit the NHS website for local mental health services or see our mental health pages.

If you are concerned about coronavirus, Essex residents can connect and discuss a variety of issues on the Essex Coronavirus Action Support Group's Facebook group.

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