Weights and measures: calibration

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Location of tests

Fees quoted are for weighing and measuring equipment and artefacts calibrated in the laboratory.


Where batches of equipment are submitted or where facilities or assistance is provided by the submitter by prior arrangement, discounts on these rates may apply.

A standard discount of 20% across the board applies where the submitter is an ‘approved trader’ under the Buy with Confidence Scheme.

Turn around

Where equipment is submitted for calibration, the laboratory will use its best endeavours to complete calibration within 5 working days of submission.

In some instances, where equipment requires extended ‘conditioning’ before calibration, this may take longer.

A shorter turn around may be arranged where equipment is pre-booked for submission at specific times and dates.

Waiting time

Where an officer is required to wait with or for equipment, the standard hourly rate of £81 plus VAT will apply. This is with a minimum charge of one hour, with increments of one-quarter of an hour.

Definition of tests

UK and EC verification (stamping)

The testing of weighing and measuring equipment against Essex County Council local standards (with traceability to national standards), for compliance with relevant tolerances (verification).

The application, where appropriate, of the relevant prescribed stamp.

No certificate of calibration.


The testing of weighing and measuring equipment against one or more Essex County Council Local Standards (with traceability to national standards), either directly or indirectly via a transfer standard.

A certificate containing a statement of values found, errors from nominal, and uncertainty of measurement.

Where requested, the certificate will contain a statement of permitted errors, tolerance or specification.

Adjustment of weights

Where weights are required to be adjusted for compliance with specification, the adjustment fee shall be equivalent to the relevant verification or calibration fee.

Where pre-adjustment values are required to be reported, an additional relevant calibration fee may also be charged.

Miscellaneous equipment

Imperial equipment and artefacts will be charged at the same rate as that for metric equipment of equivalent capacity or weight.

Calibration in other units is usually available.

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