The draft Waste Strategy for Essex

The draft Waste Strategy for Essex sets out the vision, targets and priorities of the Essex Waste Partnership (EWP).

The EWP is made up of Essex County Council, and the 12 district, city and borough councils in Essex. The partnership aims to ensure cost-efficient and sustainable waste management across the county.

The draft strategy covers how we propose to manage waste from homes and businesses in the county for the next 30 years. The aim is to reduce waste, protect the environment and save resources.

A 10-week public consultation was open between 13 September and 22 November 2023. This gave an opportunity for residents, businesses and organisations to have their say on our proposals.

Thank you to everyone that competed the consultation survey.

A illustration showing various elements related to the draft waste strategy, including renewable energy, recycling and composting. ,

Read the strategy and other important documents

Although the public consultation on the draft Waste Strategy for Essex has now closed, you are still able to read the strategy and other relevant documents.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was carried out alongside the Waste Strategy for Essex. A full report was created that was included in the consultation survey.

Visit the consultation site to access all relevant documents.

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Read our FAQs

To help you get to grips with the draft Waste Strategy for Essex, our proposals and targets, we've compiled answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs). Visit the consultation site to read the answers to these FAQs.

You can send us an email if you have other questions. 

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Watch our videos

We've produced a series of videos to help you find out more about the draft strategy and what happens to your waste and recycling. Find out about energy from waste, food waste recycling, open windrow composting and more. 

You can watch our videos on YouTube

Get started with reducing your waste

The team at Love Essex have some great tips to help you reduce your waste at home. This includes sharing, borrowing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. It's known as the circular economy and it's one of the priority areas for our draft waste strategy. It can help you save money as well!

Visit the Love Essex site to find out more.

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An illustration representing the circular economy, showing a man repairing a chair, someone donating a buggy, and composting.