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David Wilde

19 July 2016

Executive Director for Place Operations & Chief Information Officer
Telephone: 03330 136201
David Wilde
Functional Area: Place Operations
Salary: £136,000
Job Description: Executive Director for Place Operations and Chief Information Officer
David was appointed Executive Director for Place Operations in June 2015.  David is also currently CIO for Essex County Council.  He has established a strategy and delivery programme based on cloud adoption, supporting economic growth, shared services through collaboration and self service through digital engagement including take-up of social media. Cost reductions of almost £15million have been achieved whilst transforming ICT services, in turn supporting the achievement of over £100million in wider efficiencies.
David was previously CIO for Westminster City Council where he set up and implemented an exciting new ICT strategy based on the principles of customer centric service delivery, a zero infrastructure technology environment and transformational change, resulting in cost reductions of over 30% and dramatically improved customer satisfaction levels.

Prior to that David was CIO at the London Borough of Waltham Forest, with responsibility for the Council’s access to services strategy, transforming service delivery, all ICT and the Project and Programme management profession.

Earlier roles included Head of e-Business and Head of Internal and Electronic Communications for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), where he was responsible for development and delivery the ICT strategy and service management, e-government and internal and electronic communications strategies and operations. He also ran Internet service development and delivery for the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) and worked on Schools capital policy in the Department for Education and Employment, including the New Deal for Schools programme.
David is responsible for the delivery of all internally commissioned Place related services for Essex County Council. These services will be defined in commissioning mandates.

ECC strategy, outcomes and the commissioning models required for their achievement are the responsibility of the Council’s Place commissioners. ECC Place commissioners are also responsible for managing the Council’s relationships with external delivery partners/service providers. 

David is responsible for a net budget of c£19.9m and staff of c870.

David’s key responsibilities are:
  • Contribute strategically at an organisation wide level as a member of the Corporate Management Board
  • Develop organisational capability through mentoring, developing individuals and supporting cross organisational talent development
  • Be an ambassador for ECC and role model the leadership behaviours and values to employees, Members, partnerships and stakeholders
  • Be responsible for the core accountabilities of your Executive Director function for:
    Strategic leadership and people management
    Financial management
    Continuous improvement, change, planning and risk management
  • In accordance with set commissioning mandates and specifications, plan and deliver services to meet the requirements of individuals, businesses, communities and groups. Lead on Place Assessment, Planning & Delivery with responsibility for:
    School crossing patrols
    Household Waste Recycling Centres
    Trading Standards
    Place services
    Delivery of operational aspects of transport strategy
  • Be responsible for delivery of Place Themes where commissioned to do so
  • Develop and maintain strong partnerships with key community leaders to ensure ECC’s activities respond effectively to the needs of Essex residents

Where commissioned:

  • Lead on the delivery of the Waste Strategy engaging with commissioners, partners, contractors and commercial services as appropriate
  • Lead on the delivery of the Economic Plan for Essex
  • Discharge ECC’s statutory Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and Highways Act 1980 responsibilities to ensure the environment of Essex is safeguarded
  • Deliver ECC’s Climate Change Strategy, including the responsibility for flood risk management
  • Lead on planning and delivery of:
    School crossing patrols
    Trading standards
    Place services
    Green Assets
    Community Transport
    Adult Community Learning centres
  • Operate within the “Rules Engine” and as defined by the Place Commissioner
  • Manage demand for services in the most cost efficient and effective way, sourcing providers and suppliers of services from within the frameworks specified by the Place Commissioner (maximise the use of resources and service quality while minimising costs) according to the specification
  • Promote the active engagement and participation of business and communities in the development, monitoring and review of services to ensure that ECC is genuinely responsive to local needs (where commissioned to do so)
  • In line with ECC strategy, as defined by the Place Commissioner, lead the delivery of user-focussed, locally based provision
  • To ensure close working relationships between the delivery of service so that Public Health is fully integrated into service provision, in order to meet the Government’s agenda on public health (in line with the Commissioner’s specification)
  • Ensure that the capability in the in house teams and external sub-contractors/providers is sufficient to meet the needs of the Commissioner and maximise the synergies with traded vehicles
  • Ensure high performance across all services and achievement of key performance indicators as defined by outcome/output measures
  • Escalate service and contract issues and risks and ensure these are managed effectively
  • Provide timely reporting, to the agreed specification, to the Executive Director for Place Commissioning, highlighting risks and critical issues
  • Strategic oversight of the ECC IT and Information Governance strategies
  • Senior Information Risk Owner for the Council
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