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The Essex Partnership

3 March 2014

The Essex Partnership brings together representatives of the many organisations that deliver services to the people of Essex, in order to increase communication and collaboration in areas where there are shared goals and responsibilities.


Working together, the members of the Essex Partnership aim to deliver better quality and better value outcomes for the people of Essex than would be achievable if member organisations worked alone. The principles guiding the work that the partnership does are contained within the Essex Co-operation Framework.

The Partnership directs and oversees progress on the Essex Strategy and the Local Area Agreement, strategic plans which influence the decisions made to shape the future direction of policy and the provision of services within the county.

Within the Essex Partnership there are several thematic partnerships, which bring together representatives of organisations that work together in particular areas. These include:



In addition to the thematic partnerships, there are two bodies that operate across the whole of the Essex Partnership.

Essex Partnership Forum (EPF)

EPF includes representatives of all organisations within the Essex Partnership and is the only body able to take decisions on behalf of the Essex Partnership as a whole. It provides a means for Partnership members to discuss issues affecting all or some of them, identify opportunities for future collaborative working, and address any difficulties that may arise.


Essex Management Board (EMB)

EMB supports the work of the EPF to improve the efficiency of public services in Essex. It provides an overview of performance and highlights opportunities for collaborative working across the thematic partnerships.
More detailed information about the work of the Essex Partnership is available on the Essex Partnership Portal.