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Commissioning public art

8 August 2011

Public art works can be used to commemorate important local events and anniversaries and to highlight places of special significance. Local authorities, schools and other interested groups can commission public art in Essex. If you are interested in doing this, the Public Art team can offer a wide range of assistance regarding funding, design, art selection and managing the project.

The Essex Public Art Guide explains the process of how to commission and work with artists on public art projects in the county, as well detailing the funding sources which are available.

Good examples of public arts projects implemented across different communities can be seen in the following projects:
Genius Loci (meaning ‘Spirit of Place’) is a groundbreaking project that aims to deliver integrated, high impact public art works in new developments across Essex.  The Genius Loci publication details how to succeed in delivering public art in Essex.
Many district and borough councils have their own policies for public art. The Public Art team and the artists work closely with the district and borough councils in whose areas activity is taking place.