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Family hubs

13 September 2017

Essex County Council (ECC) and West Essex NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (WECCG) have recently commissioned Virgin Cares in partnership with Barnardo’s to deliver the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service.

This involves bringing together a number of different services from Pre-Birth-19 ( Pre-Birth-25 for SEND)  which includes Children’s Centres, Family Nurse Partnership, 0-5 Healthy Child Programme, 5-19 Healthy Child programme and the Healthy Schools programme into one joined up team across Essex to transform the way children, young people and their families receive care and support.

The service went live on 1 April 2017 and there is a project group consisting of ECC, WECCG, Virgin Cares and Barnardo’s overseeing the implementation of the service during the 100 days business as usual period.

Each district now has a designated Family Hub (50 hours a week) and a number of other linked local Family Hub delivery sites (20-30 hours a week). With the creation of the new Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service; some of the locations where services were previously provided from are no longer available as they are still used by the previous provider to deliver other services.

Virgin and Barnardo’s have worked to identify convenient alternative locations where the services are required and have communicated these changes to the people who use the services.