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Family support

17 May 2018

From April 2017, Essex County Council (ECC) and the West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (WECCG) commissioned Virgin Cares in partnership with Barnardo's to deliver the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service. The services are for children from before they are born through to the age of 19 (or 25 for young people with special educational needs and disabilities). From listening to families we understand that an easier to access service is important and that families do not want to visit several places or tell their stories to different people.  They want a service that meets that needs of families rather families meeting the criteria for services.

There is now a new Family Hub in each district.  This building will be open for 50 hours a week and will have a range of professionals who can support a growing family.  This will make things much simpler for everybody by bringing a number of services under one roof making sure that they work as one team, communicate as one team, prioritise the same things and respond to what families need as one team.

Previously, there were a number of separately commissioned services for families from pre-birth to 19 (pre-birth to 25 for young people with special educational needs).  These services included Children's Centres, the Family Nurse Partnership, the 0 - 5 Healthy Child Programme, the 5 - 19 Healthy Child Programme and the Healthy Schools Programme. Now, they will all work together as one team.

As well as the Family Hubs, there are also Delivery sites and these are open between 20-30 hours a week.  By making better use of the buildings in the community, such as libraries and community centres, Virgin Care and Barnardo's are planning to deliver services from more locations and are confident that can provide a better service that means families don't have to go to lots of different places to get the support they need.  Services should be where families need them and in some cases this will be families' own sitting rooms.

The support delivered includes:

  • Health visiting: e.g. antenatal contact, transition to parenthood, new baby review, maternal mental health, wellbeing and development of children under 1 year.
  • Support for ages 5 - 19: e.g. dental care, review of immunisation status, help to support any physical, emotional or developmental problems, providing children, parents and school staff with information on specific health issues, measuring height and weight.
  • Support for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) up to the age of 25. Through using family hubs, delivery and outreach sites there is a wide range of activity and services that is available for children, young people and families.

West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group joined the process with Essex County Council to commission Children's Community Health Services in the west Essex area, including:

  • Child Development Centre
  • Specialist School Nursing
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Community Paediatrics
  • SEND Dedicated Officer
  • Specialist Accident and Emergency Liaison
  • Children's Community Nursing
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Dietetics

Full details of the Family Hub and Delivery Sites for each district are shown below, further contact details and activity timetables can be found by clicking on each site name:


North Essex

Site Postcode
Greenstead Family Hub delivery site CO4 3QE
St Anne and Castle Family Hub delivery site CO4 3DH
Berechurch Family Hub  CO2 8NN
Little Hands
Family Hub delivery site CO3 0QG
Sydney House Family Hub 
CO16 7AG
St James Family Hub delivery site CO15 3TB
Rainbow Family Hub delivery site CO14 8AW
Windmill Delivery site outreach CO12 5EL
Harwich Town Family Hub delivery site CO12 3NS



Mid Essex

Site Postcode
Harlequin Family Hub delivery site
Silver End Family Hub delivery site
Acorn Family Hub delivery site CO9 1JH
Seesaw Delivery site outreach CM7 5UL
Carousel Family Hub CM7 3QZ
Chelmsford West Family Hub delivery site CM1 2AQ
Chelmsford Central Family Hub CM1 1LH
Chetwood Family Hub delivery site CM3 5ZX
Maldon Library Family Hub CM9 5FW
Dengie Family Hub delivery site CM0 8QB


West Essex
Site Postcode
Epping Forest
Hazelwood Family Hub delivery site EN9 3EL
Sunrise Delivery site outreach
IG10 3HE
Little Oaks Family Hub delivery site IG10 3TD
True Stars Family Hub delivery site IG7 5LP
Brambles Family Hub CM16 5DN
Treehouse Family Hub
CM18 7NG
The Meadows Family Hub delivery site CM19 4DL
Potter Street Family Hub delivery site CM17 9EU
Spangles Family Hub CM24 8LR
Little Goslings Family Hub delivery site CM6 1AZ


South Essex
Site                       Postcode
Northlands Park Family Hub SS13 1QX
Fryerns Family Hub delivery site
SS14 2EQ
All About Family Hub delivery site SS15 5NX
Sunnyside Family Hub delivery site CM12 0GH
Highcliffe Family Hub delivery site SS11 8JE
Larchwood Gardens Family Hub CM15 9NG
Little Lions
Family Hub SS8 9SU
Little Handprints Family Hub delivery site SS7 3PT
Wishing Well Family Hub delivery site
Sea Shells Family Hub delivery site SS3 OEJ
Oak Tree Family Hub SS6 8UA
Willows Family Hub delivery site SS5 6ND
Ladybird Delivery site outreach SS6 9EH