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Help available from your child's school

11 September 2017

If you believe your child has special educational needs (SEN)and requires help, talk to the following people. 


Your child's teacher

You can discuss your child’s progress with their teacher at parents' evenings and school drop-in sessions. If you'd like to talk to them outside of these times, you may have to make an appointment. It's usually not possible to meet during the school day.

Special educational needs coordinator

Every school has a special educational needs coordinator known as a SENCO, who will be able to tell you what support your child’s school offers. To find out who your child’s SENCO is, contact the school.

Head teacher

The head teacher will be able to tell you what the school provides for children with special educational needs and can make sure your child takes part in as many school activities as possible. 

Parent governors or the SEN governor

The parent and SEN governors work with the head teacher to make sure the SEN policy is in place and that children with special needs make progress in their learning. For more information about governors, see our school governors page.

SEND Information, Advice and Support Service

The SEND Information, Advice and Support Service provides information and support for parents and carers of children with special educational needs.  

Statutory Assessment Service

Most children with special educational needs will make progress with the support of their teacher and SENCO. However, some children may require extra help through an Education Health Care Plan.

Specialist services

We also offer a range of specialist services covering a range of complex special educational needs.