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Environment and planning

5 April 2019

Essex County Council provides a range of services relating to the environment in which we live. These include the processing of waste and provision of recycling centres, the management of issues relating to wildlife and local issues such as trees and hedgerows, and planning applications for waste and mineral sites. 


Services relating to local issues such as village greens, biodiversity and Gypsy and Traveller services; building developments and the strategic initiatives and sustainability. 

County planning

Planning policy, planning applications for mineral and waste sites, and regulation 3. 

Growth and development

Single response to large scale, strategic and complex applications; Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs); Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs); New Settlements and Garden Communities.

Recycling and waste

Recycling centres, domestic waste, initiatives to reduce landfill and waste strategy. 


Current investigations, how to report flooding and your responsibilities. 

Strategic environment

How we manage the county's environment in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. 

Emergency planning

How we respond to emergency situations in the county. 

Development in Essex

Information for developers; the planning process; sustainable travel and major infrastructure and projects.