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Cloth nappies

8 August 2016

Every year in the UK, three billion disposable nappies are used. In Essex alone, over 300,000 are buried in landfill sites every day, where they could take hundreds of years to decompose.
The alternative to this is cloth nappies, which can be more environmentally friendly and could save you over £500 compared with the leading disposable brands.
Visit Recycle for Essex for information on:
  • the benefits of cloth nappies
  • the different types of cloth nappy
  • how many nappies you will need
  • the laundry service
  • where you can buy cloth nappies


You can also find out about financial incentives, including our £30 refund offer.



Cloth nappy events

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As part of our commitment to encouraging cloth nappy use, we run a Cloth Nappy network, which hosts nappy events where you can meet with other parents, exchange nappy advice and buy cloth nappies. 

For professionals such as midwives and health visitors, there is a free nappy advisory service, as well as a nappy teaching pack.


To request a teaching pack, please email: