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£8 million investment in local bus services for our communities

1 June 2017

A total of £8 million is being invested by Essex County Council to help support bus services across the county following feedback from nearly 5,000 residents as part of the latest review of the network.
bus stop 
 These latest changes will come into effect in September 2017 after the Council consulted residents last year (2016) on the future of bus services it financially supports.

The changes will only affect bus services which require financial support from taxpayers to continue to run. Using feedback from the consultation, these services were redesigned to provide the best possible bus service to the most people, at the best price to the taxpayer.

Changes to services and awarded contracts are available by clicking the linked text.

David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council, said: “We provide financial support for a number of bus services. It is our responsibility to ensure that they provide a reliable service to as many residents and communities as possible, while also delivering value for money to the taxpayer.

“I am pleased to say that we will be investing a total of £8m annually to support bus services for Essex residents.
“We have taken a consistent approach across the county to ensure bus services cost the taxpayer no more than £5 for each trip made.

“During this latest redesign we found that the future cost of supporting some less well used bus services would have needed taxpayers to contribute more than the price of a flight to Lanzarote each time somebody used the bus. That is clearly not sustainable. The good news is that this was true of very few services as most services are well used and supported by their communities.

“I can assure residents no bus service is ever withdrawn without us exploring all other alternatives.

“We have listened to the views of nearly 5,000 residents whose views have helped redesign the bus network to provide a more reliable service for bus users and deliver better value for money for taxpayers across Essex.”

The ‘Getting Around in Essex’ redesign process aims to ensure bus services cost the taxpayer no more than £5 for each trip made on the bus service, while continuing to support key routes highlighted by residents.

Bus services that cost more than £5 per passenger journey are redesigned to make them more sustainable.